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What .0 Planner Is All About...

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In other words, life is about to change. We're about to be able to have AI-driven digital ghosts that interact with living persons and other AI's as a copy of us. These Digital Ghosts, or intelligent avatars will have access to the vast digital archives of everything we did, said, wrote, photgraphed, or recorded while we are alive.

If you think of an on-off switch (Like a light switch) as a digital device, on is represented by a "1," and off is represented by a "0."

Binary numbers are used by computers. They have only the digits 1 and 0. In digital electronics, 1 represents on, and 0 represents off.

If you think of us living beings and our digital ghosts, we are the 1, and when we go to our 0, the digital ghost goes active. The digital ghosts are our zeroes.

So how would you name your digital ghost?

I think the convention should be based on our names. A living person should be named:


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